At Forward we believe people are our most important asset. We spend a huge amount of time, energy and resources on making a Forward company a great place to be, and to be part of.

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We also believe in autonomy and give each portfolio company freedom to create their own unique culture...

...we also encourage some core values to flow through everything we do.

Innovate everyday

We love discovering new and better ways of doing things. Our products are continually re-evaluated and we consciously seek out areas that need to be improved, asking ourselves: ‘What did I change today?’ Given our almost reckless fondness for innovation, we also recognise it’s OK for us to fall flat on our faces sometimes.

Be open & honest

We don’t have whispered conversations in dark corners. We don’t say one thing to our peers and another to our boss. We don’t dissemble or economise with the truth for personal gain. If our opinion is asked, we say what we think is right. If doing so causes conflict that can be managed productively, then so much the better – friction is often the best way to make a fire.

Deliver results

We’re bright people, but we don’t sit around stroking our chins and pontificating (well, not often...) We’re all about results – delivering products, ways of working, figures, metrics, data and statistics. Oh, and profit too. We wonder: what will be the tangible output of this line of action? Results are not always quantifiable, but more often than not, they are.

* Subject to change

Given our drive to innovate, it stands to reason that we need to be prepared for constant change. We don’t hide in the corner when we see a change coming. We embrace it and kiss it on both cheeks, continental-style. Once a better way is found, we act on it quickly and then start thinking about the next improvement.

Do some good along the way

We believe that business should be principled. Our actions can have good or bad consequences, and we must strive to make sure the former wins out. We’re passionate about helping consumers and businesses and improving their lives. We give back to society via our Forward Foundation. Internally, we endeavour to build a positive team spirit, making the work experience as close to joyousness as it’s ever likely to get.


We're proud of our heritage in technology - it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Our state-of-the-art space in Camden regularly hosts development talks and conferences to satisfy our desire to learn about, promote and drive technology forward.

You can find out more on the Forward Technology website, celebrating all things geek.


We are always on the hunt to find talented people to join our companies.

If you’d like to work in a low ceremony environment with the freedom to experiment and innovate, check out our current opportunities.

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